Sunday, 31 July 2016

CodeQuality & BestPractice for Android - (rudiments) Part - I

Please find the below link to download the powerpoint presentations.  This presentations will be a self explanatory and it helps the tyro programmers to-do the quality code and helps them follow the best practice.

This covers the below concepts for the rudiments level.

Concepts Covered:

0. Quality Measurement
1. Basic Code Standards
–  Organized Files
–  Naming Conventions
–  Anonymous or Nested Class
–  Clean-up Your Code
–  Less Complexity vs Better Readability
–  Nested Control Flows
–  Class Size & Dependencies
–  Avoid Complex Conditions
–  Misc.

2. Basic Android Practices
– Reuse Styles & Resources
– Include Layouts
– Merge – Include - Layouts
– Colors
– Dimensions
– strings.xml
– Activity or Fragment?
– Build Variant
– Signing Configs

All The Very Best :-)
Soon will see you with the Intermediate and Advance level presentations.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

File path too long on windows, keep below 240 characters?

Generally our tyro's might get this kinda of issues because of having a deep || hard folder linking like in a tree hierarchy. For Example: 


Code Fix to this issue:
Just do a below code change in your root build directory, since that is where most of the path issues will arise.

allprojects {
    buildDir = "C:/tmp/${}/${}"
    repositories {

Reference Link: