Monday 2 October 2017

Android Resource Layout Sub-folder

Right now, we are probably storing every xml layout file inside the layout/ folder. It is feasible and simple to manage in small projects, but when i'm developing a large and heavy projects/products i.e. more .xml files, we feel difficult in search and finding the files and the things will get messy.

So, is there any way to solve this problem?

Yes, after a long search i found the plugin called "Android File Grouping Plugin" but this not gives me the expected solution, this virtually group the layout files into folder and this can visualized only in the android studio which need to be enabled with the plugin, as like as we have it in the XCode for iOS Projects.

Hence after the deep dive into the gradle's ground and found the solution for the same without using any third-party plugins and therefore it also directly reflects on the code and folder hierarchy.

here its go like this, please keenly follow the steps

1. Prepare the folder structure in the below way,  inside the res folder, create your own directory and
inside those folders keep the root folder named as "layout" and then keep on adding your .xml files as to your convenient. For EG: In the below example, i have made the designed the Boarding and Dashboard, under to that created the layout as root directory, then added my .xml files.


2. The trick is to use gradle’s ability to merge multiple resource folders and set the res/ folder as well as the nested subfolders in the sourceSets block.  The quirk is that you can’t declare a container resource folder before you declare that folder’s child resource folders. Below is the sourceSets block from the build.gradle file. Notice that the subfolders are declared first.

sourceSets {
        main {
            res.srcDirs = [