Monday 27 January 2020

Kotlin Complete References

The below reference links are enough for us to get a good amount of knowledge on Kotlin Programming. 

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Kotlin Cheat Sheet:

Kotlin Videos:
General Videos 
📌 Smarthed Kotlin Playlist
🔖 Telusko Kotlin Playlist
📌 CodingWithMitch for Kotlin Coroutines 
Videos by Dr. Venkat Subramaniam 
📌 Kotlin for Java Programmers 
🔖 Kotlin for Java Programmers 
📌 Kotlin Programming
📌 Functional Programming in Kotlin
🔖 Exploring Coroutines in Kotlin

Videos by Hadi Hariri
📌 Kotlin Beyond the basis
📌 Functional Programming with kotlin
📌 Kotlin Coroutines

Web Tutorials:
📌 Programiz
📌 GeeksForGeeks
🔖 TutorialKart

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